We offer plastic injection molding services and injection molds production since 1985. Main types of plastics processed at our company:

  • PA6 
  • PA6.6 
  • PA12
  • PA4.6
  • PA+GF
  • POM 
  • PBT 
  • PET 
  • PPS 
  • ABS
  • PP 
  • PE 
  • PS 
  • PC
  • PC+ABS

Our company is equipped with 7 automated injection machines with electronic controllers.



We also process construction thermoplastic materials with glass fiber and glass balls with up to 50% fill up. Some elements our customers had produced from steel, brass, or bronze we were able to replace with plastic injection technology using such plastics as PAGF50, POM or PPS.

Most of plastics and materials processed at our company come from well know international companies as: Du Pont, BASF, GE BAYER, DSM ENGINEERING PLASTICS, General Electric Plasties, Ticona, SAMSUNG, CHEIL INDUSTRIES, Exxon Mobile, DSM, DOW, Basell Orlen and other.

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