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How does the body respond to a cold? Cold symptoms: the body fights back. Cold symptoms are probably the result of the body's immune response to the viral invasion. Virus-infected cells in the nose send out signals that recruit specialized white blood cells to the site of the infection.
What antibiotic is good for cold? Because antibiotics only fight bacteria, and not viruses, they're usually ineffective against colds. Sometimes a cold may lead to a bacterial infection, though. In that case, antibiotics would have a benefit if they were able to prevent that kind of infection.
What should I take at the first sign of a cold? Drink Plenty of Fluids. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body while your immune system is gearing up for a fight. Water, decaffeinated tea, sport drinks, and sugar-free drinks are best. Also, hot tea with lemon and honey can soothe congestion, sore throat, and cough.
Should I work when I have a cold? The good news is that going to work with a cold won't hurt the patient. The bad news is that the patient can hurt her work colleagues by coming in while coughing, sneezing and sniffling. But once you know you have a cold, you can take action to protect others from catching it.
Does L Lysine make you gain weight? LYSINE AND WEIGH LOSS: L - lysine may be used as a weight loss supplements. Together with its fatty acids this supplement may help to burn calories, thus giving the body necessary source of energy. Lysine as an amino acid may boost the energy levels, promote weight loss process and supporting the digestive system.
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